The Dancing Lass Inn

Owned by: Squiggy Greenskin

The Dancing Lass is Shadowdales other inn of note. Known as a gathering place for adventurers, less wealthy merchants, and travels who are more interested in saving a few coins in their purse then getting the best night stay possible, this 2 story, building lies on the south side of town, along the main road that travels past the town.

Currently the following people work for the Inn:

Lisa Cuddleston – Age 17 Human Female Bar Wench. A very attractive woman with long red hair and green eyes. Rumors are that she is enchanted by adventurers and is looking for the right one to run away with. Of all the Wenches in the tavern she is known to be the one to go to for the best dances.

Renee Sistro – Age 22 Half Elf Female Bar Wench. An exotic looking young woman who goes out of her way to play up her mix of human and elven heritage, she has short black hair, and purple colored eyes. Rumor has it that her father was an elven mage that stopped in town 23 years ago and had a fling with a human bar wench, the rumors also say that she has the art of the evil eye and more then one less then faithful boyfriend of hers has vanished because of it.

Janice McKenna – Age 20 Human Female Bar Wench. Nominally in charge of the other Wenches, Janice is a tall woman who has been described as just abit too much on the muscled side to be considered beautiful. She has medium length brown curly hair and brown eyes, and while the other wenches are dancing from time to time has been known to play out a tune for them with her bagpipes.

Vandrose Alphon – Age 34 Human Barkeep. A large man who used to be a member of the local night watch. He retired a few years ago after getting stabbed in the back on patrol. The attack almost cost him his life and for the good of his family he took on a much safer job at the Inn. While the pay is good, the talk of the town is that his wife is none to pleased by some of the rumors that one of the Bar Wenches has caught his eye. He stands 6’3”, and weighs close to 280 pounds of almost solid muscle. His head is shaved bald, and he has a tattoo of Tymora on his right hand.

Andy – Age 9 Human Stable boy. A young lad that has recently been hired on to take care of guests horses and the like while they stay at the inn. He has sandy blonde hair and seems to be best at convincing travelers to tip higher then they probably were thinking they would.

There are also several cooks and cleaning staff, but for the most part people don’t see them.

The Dancing Lass Inn

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