Character Creation.

Characters will be created using the standard process described in the Players Handbook under the point stat buy system. The only difference is that I’ll be allowing players to start with 30 points to buy attributes.

Also players can select 1 crafting/profession style skill. This skill will go off of a non-physical attribute of the players choice and must not be an already existing skill.

Races must come from either the PHB or the Players Forgotten Realm Setting, however I will allow the following editional races.

Kobolds, Orcs, Goblins, and Gnomes. The rules for these races will appear on this page shortly. Keep in mind however that if you run an “evil” race you can expect good aligned races to react to you as one would expect.

That said considering the wars and the like around the Dalelands ((where the adventure will take place)) it’s not surprising that some of the “inhuman” monsters would have been civilized to some extent. Also, there are a small number of orc families in the the Cormyr area that come from a group of orcs that served along side the forces of the king during the invasion of the Horde. Because of their bravery in that fight, those who survived and did not wish to return to Zhentil Keep, were made minor landed knights.

Racial Items

All races have armor and weapons that are designed to work more with their body types and the like. Most weapons are just standard weapons and are designed to be used by all races equally.

However, when somebody uses a racial weapon that matches their racial type they gain a +1 bonus to either hit or damage depending on the weapon in question.

Armor works the same way with the armor granting a +1 bonus to AC.

In edition to that, Starting at level 3 you may also take racial weapons as a feat. The bonus this provides depends on the race, but the main use of this skill is to open up more impressive feats later on.

Racial items tend to cost 10-50% more to make or to modify then standard items. However, this cost does not apply when buying starting gear.

New Feats

New Feats

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