New Feats



Heroic: Double Spit. Your spit attack now will hit an additional target within 3 squares of your primary target.

Heroic: Tiny Guys Aren’t Scary! When you are next to another PC who is of Medium Size or larger you gain a +1 bonus to all of your defenses. If you mark a target to attack you or use a power that encourages the enemy to attack you, you lose this bonus as you are going out of your way to make yourself a bigger threat.

Heroic: Tunnel Runner. Add +1 movement to your base speed when you are wearing light armor that gives you no penality to skill checks or speed.


Heroic: Standin’ Stronger Then Evah! This is a Daily Power, you may take a healing surge as a minor action.

Heroic: Smaller things are for bashin! If you outweigh your foe you may choose to shift them and yourself ((so you remain in bases to base contact)) 1 square after any critical hit. This is an Instant effect and provokes no attacks of opertunity for you or your foe, it also works no matter what effects you may be under. You may of course choose not to use this power.


Heroic: Improved Magical Defense. Your resistance to all attacks that use an implement is increased to +2.

Heroic: Convincing Arguement. You gain an additional bonus to Bluff and Dimplomacy rolls equal to 1/2 your Charisma modifier.


Heroic. Small Guys Don’t Count. You gain a +1 ac bonus to all attacks by creatures of large size or larger.

Heroic. Jibbly Buster. Your damage when taking a flanking attack is increased to 1d8 additional damage. Also the enemy must make a standard save or lose 2 points off of their move speed for the next round.


Heroic. Racial Weapons/Armor Improved.

When you are using a racial weapon or implement you can add an additional damage bonus equal to your stat bonus from 1 of the stats your race got an intial +2 on during character creation. This applies to damage from implements as well as martial weapons. Also you can add this bonus to healing done by spells or abilities that use an implement. This ability does not effect Temp HPS or Regeneration effects or abilities that do no healing to the party member other then let them use a healing surge.

When you are in all racial armor, ((Head, Body, Boots, Gloves)) you gain an additional + 1 to your AC. Also you may select 1 of the following effects.

1 point of armor movement penalty is ignored or 1 point of skill check penalty is ignored.

You must have this feat in order to take Racial Weapon Mastery Feats which start at level 6.

New Feats

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