Squiggy Greenskin


Squiggy Greenskin is a orc who claims to trace his family line all the way back to the Orcs that battled against the invaders from the East in defense of the realms. His ancestors unit displayed such bravery in battle that they were granted minor titles of nobility and allowed to migrate to other lands if need be with the knowledge that the Kingdom of Comyr and all the lands owed them a great debt.

While he isn’t certain how or when his family made it to Shadowdale, he does know that his father passed along several adventuring items as well as a sizable amount of money to Squiggy. Instead of taking up the path of a warrior, Squiggy invested his money by buying The Dancing Lass Inn.

For the past 10 years he’s run the place, however he tends to let his employees do most of the face to face meetings with people as in the past he has been known to scare people as well as invoke a certain level of hostility from those who aren’t willing to accept him for what he is.

Squiggy Greenskin

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