D'Moxie ShadowTomb


Name: D’Moxie Tombshadow Race: Goblin Class: Bard Height: 4’0 Weight: 80 lb.

Str: 10 Dex: 10 Con: 10 Int: 16 Wis: 14 Cha: 20

Skills: Arcana (+8), Bluff (+10), Diplomacy (+10), Streetwise (+10), Insight (+7)


D’Moxie is quite the odd sight for a goblin; taller than most of his skin, and with the shade being such a light green that it gives him an almost feyish like appearance. His features, while still not likely appealing to many non-goblinoid sorts are not nearly as rough and marred as most of his kin. He earned his name due to his ‘Moxie’, having a definate way with persuading others to his way of thinking (regardless of what it might be).

The clothes he wears is finely made, especially for a goblin (without much flash).

The goblin is also rather well educated for one of his kind; while he never talks much about it, save in vague terms, many think that someone rather knowledgable took him in and trained him, and that he might still be working for this person at the present time. When asked about it, D’Moxie only will respond with, ‘Every bard has to have a patron. Mine, the Phantom, prefers to remain anonymous.’

D'Moxie ShadowTomb

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