Krelgor Niff


Krelgor Niff is a human male who appears to be in his mid to late 40’s. He has green eyes and long black hair that is kept tied and slicked back, and normally dresses in comfortable merchant class clothing, with his favorite color being dark blue.

He purchased the Moonlight Repose Inn about 7 years ago, and has worked very hard to keep its reputation for being one of the best rest stops in the Dalelands intact.

While friendly and welcoming to anybody who can afford to stay at his inn, he has no use for those who can’t pay, nor does he ever talk about his past. This has caused some people in the town to come up with increasingly colorful and doubtful histories about him.

The one that seems to have lasted the longest is that he is a magic user of some sort from Waterdeep and that his tabby cat that has been with him the entire time he’s owned the inn is his magical familiar.

Krelgor Niff

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