Granthor Dragonslayer

A huge mountain of a gold toned Dragonborn, that now runs the armor and weapon shop with his family.


Granthor is massive even for a Dragonborn. He came to the Dalelands many many years ago along with his wife to hunt down some of the impressive Dragons that were rumored to exist in the area. After years of adventuring, hunting, and slayer he retired to Shadowdale and purchased one of the local blacksmiths. He prides himself on being the best weapon and armor crafter in town when it comes to metal armors. His wife, Winslavia, covers non-metal armors and weapons.

His adventuring trade was that of a fighter, and he still keeps a suit of Dragonscale Armor on display in his shop, as well as his two-handed sword “Scale Cleaver”. For those who are interested he is said to offer lessons in hunting and killing “beasts of evil” his own pet name for Dragons.

He has 3 children with his wife. Vitranic the eldest, who is said to be considering taking to the adventuring path himself. Meliana the middle daughter who is currently apprenticed to the local apothecary. Harsworn, the youngest male child and somewhat of a miracle baby as she believed both her and her husband were too old to have another child. He has yet to pick a path in life, and while his parents are somewhat worried, they are content for now to give him time.

Granthor Dragonslayer

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