Erny Burd

Red mullet headed human youth, hands, head and feet too big for his spindly body, dressed in Northern Rasheman style, looks wide-eyed on the hustle and bustle of the world.


Race: Human / Class: Wizard / Ht. 5’9” / Weight 155 / Align: Unaligned with Good tendancies / Deity: Sune

Str: 13 +1 Con: 15 +2 Dex: 10 Int: 20 +5 Wis: 10 Chr: 12 +1

AC: 16 * Fort: 13 * Ref: 16 * Will: 12 * Init: +0 Pass-I: 15 * Pass-P 10

Hit Points: 30 * Bloodied: 15 * Surge Value: 7 * Surges/Day: 8

Favored Weapons: Human Staff +1 to hit- Att: 14 * Dam: 1d8+1

Armor: none

SKILLS: Acro: +0 * Arcana: +11t * Athlet: +6t * Bluff: +1 * Diplo: +1 * Dungeon: +0 * Endur: +3 * Heal: +0 * Hist: +10t * Insite: +5t * Intim: +1 * Nature: +11t * Percep: +0 * Relig: +10t * Stealth +0 * StreetW: +1 * Thievery +0 * Poetry: +10

Class / Path / Destiny Features: Staff Wizard- +1 AC and add +Con to AC vs one hit, make the call after the hit.

Race Features: addl feat & skill, +1 to ref/fort/will saves Rashemen- +1 Endurance, Arcana, Nature checks

Feats: Toughness Multiclass ranger-

At-Will Powers: Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, ghost sound, light, Ray of Frost, Magic Missle, Scorching burst

Encounter Powers: Force Orb, Hunter’s Quarry

Daily Powers: Sleep/ Freezing cloud

Utility Powers:


Erny Bürd, more a youth than man, wears his red hair cropped mullet style. Discerning travelers quickly notice that he is a Rashemen by dress but not by his slight stature. His head,feet, and hands being much too big for his spindly body give him a strange bird like appearance.

Those who spend time with Ernie find out he was indeed raised a Rashemen, a runt by all accounts in his family and showing an un-natural interest in magic. His earliest memories are of being bullied and excluded.

At age 8 his twin sister Ella was declared Wychlaran and taken by the Hathran for training. Unable to keep up with his peers, at 10 years of age he was given to the Witches of Rashemen for their judgment. The Hathran tested him and determined him to be a budding ‘old one’. A Hatharan by the name of Sukee Okee took him in and raised him in the ways of wizardry.

On the mid-day of his fifteenth year, Sukee Okee sent him to ShadowDale with the quest to find his way or perish trying. As a journeying ‘old one’, Erny must complete tasks given by the Lady Rameena and each of his family members before he can come home as a returned ‘old one’.

Erny is often found talking with his with his animal companion, Mr. Tibbs. Mr. Tibbs is a small burrowing owl who communicates with hoots, chirps, and an occasional biting of the ear.

Erny Burd

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