Taz Zapple

A small Kobold with a giant voice


Race: Kobold / Class: Warden / Ht. 2’;9”; / Weight 30 / Align: Good / Deity: Sheela Peryroyl Str: 16 Con: 16 Dex: 12 Int: 10 Wis: 16 Char: 14AC: 20 / fort: 16 / Ref: 13 / Will: 16 / Init: +2 / Passive insight: 14 / Passive perception 21Hit Points: 52 Bloodied: 26 Surge Value:  13 Surges/Day:  12Favored Weapons: Kobold Kopesh Basic Attack: +8 Damage: 1d8+4  Armor: Kobold LeatherSKILLS Athletics: 11 Endurance: 9 Nature: 9 perception: 11 Diplomacy: 8 Sing: 8Class / Path / Destiny Features:Font of Life, Wilblood, Nature’s Wrath , Warden’s Fury, Warden’s Grasp, Regional Benefit: +2 to perception Race Features:Leathery SkinLow-Light VisionShiftySpitFeats: Student of BattleToughnessAt-Will Powers:Strength of StoneWeight of EarthEncounter Powers:Wildblood FrenzyPreditory GuardiansDaily Powers:Form of the Freasome RamUtility Powers:Nature’s Abundance


Taz zapple is a short kobold with blue scales and silver eyes from the monster infested area of Durpar. He was born into the Shazar tribe which resides in the city of Vaelan as subordinates to the Iron eye tribe of Goblins. He hated serving the corupt rulers of Vaelan, and at a very young age he fled the city and braved the wilds.He had no idea where he would go he just knew that he needed to leave. He was gone for a total of 2 days before he was captured by a force of one of the beastlords. Surely he had gone from bad to worse, but luck was with him. The slave train being led back to the monster city was ambushed themselves. A group of Halfings with Treant support launched an assualt on the slavers, killing them and freeing the slaves they had captured.The force of liberators did not want to take Taz along with them, him technically being a monster himself, untill a great Treant Named Ironroot spoke up in his defense. he had seen something special about Taz and said he would vouch for him. The Halfings and Treants then led the slaves back to their camp. It was a beautiful Grove hidden in a valley in the Giants Belt Mountains. All the halflings were followers of Sheela Peryroyl and lived in the grove with the Treant protectors.Ironroot taught Taz all about nature and the ways of a Warden, while the members of the church taught him how to love life and to sing. Much to everyones supprise Taz had a beautiful voice. The leader of the freedom fighters taught him how to inspire those around him. But nothing last forever. The peace of the Grove came to a brutal end one day when an army from one of the beastlords found the grove. It was a hopeless battle for the inhabitants and they knew it. Ironroot came to Taz and gave him a special bag of seeds that he said would start a new grove. All Taz had to do was make it safely to a new place and plant the new seeds. (The seeds were normal seeds, but Ironroot knew that he would have an impossible time convicing Taz to leave any other way, and his destiny had not yet been fufilled)Taz left the grove with tears in his eyes and went north. Eventually coming to Shadowdale and then to Myth Drannor. Still the loss of his friends wears at his heart but he goes on knowing that they would not want him to morn them but rather rejoice in the memory of their lives.He is dressed in Leather armor and  weild a giant ( to him) Kopesh. He also has a prominate holy symbol on his body of Sheela Peryroyl.

Taz Zapple

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